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From the darkness to the light


The people who walk in darkness will see a great light-Light that will shine on all who live in the land where death casts its shadow Isaiah 9:2


For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. Colossians 1: 13-14.
I was born Muslim, my family are all Muslim. I was circumcised according to the
Muslim law. I grew up in a Muslim area; my
neighbours and all my friends were also Muslim. My parents registered my
Brothers, sisters, and me in a Muslim school. My brother was killed by a
Christian sniper in a war between the Muslims and the Christians, therefore, my
Parents hated Christians very much. My parents were always telling us, "you have
To avenge the Christians for the blood of your brother. Don't forget the
Christians are our enemies and also enemies of all the Muslims." My family
Reared me to be a devout Muslim. Every day.
They sent me to the mosque to pray and to study the Koran, the Muslim doctrine,
Moreover, they would tell me not to say hello to Christians. Making any contact with
Christians was forbidden. According to them, Christians are idolaters because
They worship statues, images, and the cross, and they are kafirin and mushrikin
(Which means they believe in more than one God)?
When I was almost seven years old, I saw myself in the mosque in a dream or a
Vision. Then I saw a big hand rend the ceiling of the mosque, and it reached
Out to me. I knew that it was the hand of God inviting me to what? I did not
Know? I went to my mother to tell her about the dream, but she rebuked me and
She told me not to tell anybody about the dream because God has no hand. The
Vision or dream remained on my mind. I could not stop thinking about that vision
And wondering what it meant. I asked too many questions from my family, in the
mosque, and in school. The Lord told Moses: And it shall come to pass,
While my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a cleft of the rock, and will
Cover thee with my hand while I pass by, Exodus 33:22.
This passage is from the book that changed my life.
That book was the great book, the Holy Bible. The history began when I
Was outside my house. I was unhappy, I was sorrowful, and I was dejected. As I
Was nearing my house, I found a books on the ground near the garbage. The
Title of one from the books attracted my attention, the title was written in a
Cheerful red. On that day I was very depressed, so I decided to take one of the
Books hoping maybe it could lift my spirits. I initially thought it was a joke
Book. I went inside to read the book that I had found it on the ground near of the garbage.

I took a shower and I ate, and when I finished, I went to my room and started
Reading the book. When I opened the book, I felt a strange feeling, I felt joy
Within myself, I felt peace in my heart, and I didn't feel sorrowful and
Dejected any more. I read the book, but I did not find any jokes. From this book,
I found new knowledge about Yassoa (Jesus in Arabic language), the Son of God. I
Found it to be a strange book. I closed it and threw it away. I said to myself,
Oh my God! What is this book? God has no son, he didn't have a marriage, and he
Has no wife (the Koran, the Muslim doctrine, says that God has no son, has no
Wife in *surrat al-ichlaas). I knew the book was for some religion, but I did not
Know which religion. I did not know the book was the Holy Bible, because I had
Never seen a Bible before in my life.

During that period, I was considering throwing it in the garbage again, and then
I told myself is better to burn the book because maybe somebody will see the
Book and read it. I was thinking I must go to the garbage’s place to burn the
Other books too. I went to the kitchen to get a match but I could not find one.
I started for my neighbour to ask him for a match, but at
That moment someone was knocking on the door. I opened the door and it was a
Friend of mine. He was having trouble with the engine in his car, so he came
Over to ask me for help. We went together to try repairing the car. After we
Repaired the engine, I returned to my house. I had forgotten about the book and
What I was planning to do to the book.

That night I could not sleep. I became sorrowful again and the depression
Returned that I had previously felt that morning. I felt a strong pain in my
Head. I lied down to sleep, but when I could not, I asked my mother to read to
Me. She read surrat al-falak and al-fateha to me, but the stories did not help me
Sleep. I went to my room again, I talked to God, and I read a little bit from
The Koran, also my conjure, and what I read from the Koran did not help.

Suddenly, I remembered the book I had been reading earlier. I searched for the
Book and found it. I opened it again to read it, and again I had the feelings
That I had when I was reading it before. I felt peace in my heart, I did not feel
Depressed any more, and my headache was gone. I felt relaxed (I sensed that God
Wanted me to read the book). There was something strange about that book,
Because before I read it, I was not feeling well. But when I read it I felt so
Much better and felt inner peace. I read the entire book, but it was a very
Strange book to me, because it was speaking about the Messiah. It said he is the
Son of God, and he is Lord, and he died on the Cross. I could not imagine some
People believing that God has a Son, that means God married, and the Koran says
In surrat al-eklass God has no son. At the same time, I found it was a nice book
Because it spoke about love and the forgiveness. I did not find anything that
Spoke of such things in the Koran, but I couldn't understand what kind of book I
Was reading, because at that time I had never seen a Bible?
I closed the book and I put it on the table, and then I felt sleepy, so I slept. I saw in a dream a vision like the vision that I saw it when I was child.
I saw that big hand rend again the ceiling of the mosque, and it reached out of me. But this time with that book (the Holly Bible). I knew that that big hand (the hand of GOD) would me to read, and keep that book with me.
That vision and that beautiful feeling stimulated in me a feeling that I have to ask about the book.
I went to a friend’s to ask him about the book. He told me this book is for Christians, that it is the misconstrued Bible, and the Christians are mushrikin (witch means ungodly). He said this book says Issa (Jesus)
Is the Son of God, but God did not marry, and he has no son. I told him I know
That our book the Koran says that, and he said the true Bible also says Issa is
A prophet, and the true Bible speaks about the prophet Mohamed, but the
Misconstrued Bible does not speak about the prophet Mohamed. The Christians’
Doctrine is against the Muslims’ doctrine, because the Christians worship three
Gods, but the Muslims worship one God only. The Christians drink alcohol, and
Eat the flesh of the pigs, but the Muslims do not drink alcohol, and do not eat
The pig's flesh. I went to my house, and I kept the book in my case to show it
To my friend’s father, because he was an elder in the Muslim mosque, and he knew
More about it than my friend.

I forgot the book, and I forgot to show it to my friend’s father. After some period while I was going to the supermarket, I met a boy (I THINK JESUS WAS SENDING HIM TO ME). The boy asked for an address. He came up to me and asked me about that, address and he told me, "I've been here for one hour searching for
This address, and I couldn't find it." He asked me if I knew this address, and I
Told him yes. He asked me to please lead me to this address, I said “sure, no
Problem.” He said, "OH THANK YOU JESUS! YOU FOUND SOMEBODY TO HELP ME" As we were going to that address, I asked him if he was Christian (I asked him because he said, Thank you Jesus). He said, “Yes I'm a Christian.” I told him I would like to know something about Christianity. I have some questions about the Christian doctrine. “Please, can you explain these notes that I have taken?” He
Said it was his pleasure, so we set up a time when we could get together for
That purpose. Then I led him to his destination.
I met my new friend, and he asked me why I wanted to know about Christian
Doctrine. I described to him what happened with me, before I found the Holy
Bible, and after I found it, and about the strange feeling when I opened the
Holy Bible. Then we started the discussion. I asked him if he really believed
That the prophet Issa is the Son of God, and he is God, how can
That is. That means God married the Virgin Mary, and he had sexual relations
With her, He told me the Son of God does not mean God had sexual relations with
The Virgin Mary, The meaning of Son of God is metaphoric, spiritually fatherly,
Not physiologically fatherly. He told me, “You said Virgin Mary,” the Virgin
Means no one had any sexual relations with her. I ‘ll give you an example: many
People tell me, "You are the son of Syria." That does not mean Syria married
Another country, and then they bred me. We call any Christian a child of God,
Moreover, this does not mean God has sexual relations with our mothers. I told him, you say that Jesus is the Son of God. That means He is also God, and that means you
Are worshiping to more than one God, as the Koran says. He said we believe in
One God and we worship one God only, and Jesus himself said: The most important
Commandment is this: hear O Israel the Lord our God is the only Lord, Mark 12:29. But the Divine nature of God, which is means God, has three qualities,
The Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the name of these qualities is the
Trinity. The Trinity means three in one, and one in three. God is the father and
Jesus is the Word of God the Koran itself confirms that Jesus is the word of God in serrate ali-imraan 3:45-50, and surrat al-nissa 4:171. Moreover, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God. He told me “you are a human; you have a body, you have a spirit, and you have a mind, which means that you are three persons.” I told him “sure I'm not
One person.” He told me the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit are components of one God. I asked, “You say that Jesus is God and he died on the Cross-, how can God die? I have been told that God is eternal and never dies. You know that.” He said, “yes I know that, but the death means the soul was detached from the body, and when Jesus died on the cross, his human body died and after three days and he rose from the dead. He appeared to many people and his Disciples, and after forty days he went to Heaven. I asked him "why all of this?" He said, "Jesus came to the earth, and died on the cross to save our souls from eternal damnation." I asked why? He said, “Because we are sinners. When Adam and Eve sinned, sin entered the entire human race, and the sin brought death. We are born by sin, and it was breaking our relationship with God. We needed Jesus to repair our relationship with God. To repair this relationship, we needed a sacrifice, because the Bible says: for the wages of sin is death, moreover, sins are never forgiven without a sacrifice, but what kind of sacrifice? A Sacrifice without sin, a blameless sacrifice, without a defect, a perfect
Sacrifice. Who is without a sin? Who is perfect?" I told him no one, only God is
Perfect. He said, "Yes, therefore, God sent his only Son to sacrifice him."
I asked him why God sent Jesus to die for us. He said, "Because God loves us,
Therefore, he sent his only Son to die on the Cross; therefore, we called Jesus the saviour, because he saved us from eternal death." After the meeting, my thoughts rambled and I was indecisive. I asked myself what I have to do. Do I believe what my friend told me or what that man? Told me? Maybe my friend said Christianity is an incorrect religion because he is a Muslim? That man said the Christianity is the true religion, and maybe he said that because he is Christian. My friend did not give me proof about what he said, but that man gave me proof from the Bible and the Koran. He predicated what he said from the Bible and the Koran, and his words influenced me. I found his statements logical. I asked myself which one I have to trust, my friend or that man? It was such a difficult choice for me, because I learned in school, from my parents, and from the mosque that God has no son, and Issa (Jesus) is a normal prophet, and he is not Lord (I was thinking that Jesus was a prophet, and he is not the Son of God when I was selecting the untrue religion--the Muslim
Religion). I was so afraid for my spiritual future, of God's judgment, and of
Eternal death. I found the best one who I can trust is God. Therefore, I prayed
To him and I asked him, "Almighty God, you created the universe and all the
World and all of creation, God, please lead me to the true way, to the truth,
Moreover, show me which book is the true book. Give me the wisdom and a spiritual
Insight to see the truth."


I began to investigate and compare the Koran and the Bible, the Muslim doctrine
And the Christian doctrine, I was reading the Koran and the Bible every day to
Decipher the difference between the two, and to determine which is the true
Book. I found the difference and the truth: The Muslim doctrine has no love, no
Forgiveness, no repentance, it has the punishment, the requital, and the
Retaliation. The Christian doctrine has love, forgiveness, and repentance. The
Koran, written by the Muslim prophet says, "Punish your enemy, fight against
Al-kafirin (they call everyone that is not Muslim al-kafirin) surrat al-baqara
191-194. surrat al-maidah 5: 35-45
. But Jesus says love your enemy, love your
Neighbour, Gospel of Matthew 5:44, The Muslim prophet made a lot of war, and he
Called for war surrat al-anfaal 55 and 66, and surrat al-maidah 5:35-36. Jesus
Didn’t make any war, and he was called for peace (THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT) Gospel of Matthew chapters 5 and 6. The Muslim prophet forced the people to accept him, surrat attaubah 25-30. But Christ came by love and by peace, and Jesus did not force anyone to accept him. He gave us all free will to accept him
Or reject him, and he gave us the consequences of rejecting him. Gospel of
Luke chapter 10:5-11
, JESUS showed many miracles, he raised people from the
Dead, he healed the sick, and he fled evil spirits from demon-possessed people.
The Koran itself confirms that Jesus created the bird, and blew the spirit in
Him, and healed the sick, raised the dead surrat ali-imraan 3: 45-50. But, the Muslim prophet showed no miracles. Also, the Muslim prophet married thirteen women; one of them was nine years old. The koran itself is contradictory, some surrat confirms that Jesus died on the Cross-, like surrat Merriam 33 and surrat ali-imraan 55, surrat al-baqara 87, and surrat al-nissa 4:159, in the same surrat contrarily; surrat al-nissa 4: 157 denies his death. After comparing everything, it became clear for me. I stopped
Saying the Muslim's prayer, I stopped the fast of Ramadan, and going to the
mosque. My family asked me too many questions, such as "why don't you pray? Why
Don’t you participate in the fast of Ramadan? Why you don't go to mosque? Why
Are you always asking about the Christian doctrine?"
They asked many, many questions every day. I was listening to the news on the
Radio every day, and I discovered the Monte Carlo special Christian program. I
Was listening to those programs every day, and the programs were like a Bible
Study. Some programs were to the Lutheran centre in Lebanon. I made a secret
Connection with the centre by telephone and secretly corresponded with them via
Postal mail. I secretly met them many times and I studied the Bible with them.
I was with a friend one day who has druzeit beliefs (a religion, live in Lebanon, and Syria, and Palestine). We were near my place of employment when a boy and a girl walked up to us. They were from England and invited us to a party, and then they gave us invitations to the party. We went to the party and the people who gave the party were Christians from the U.S.A. and England. One of them spoke the Arabic language very well and I met with him many times after. We discussed many subjects about the Christian doctrine. He gave me comfort and he encouraged me in my faith. I studied the Bible with him moreover; I was going to their meetings every Thursday secretly. I was outside of our house one day while my mother was cleaning my room and she found the Bible under my pillow. She told the family and when I returned home, I found my family waiting for me. They were giving me a strange look and they asked me about the Bible. I was so afraid to tell them about my faith, so I told them I was just reading it to understand the Christian religion. They told me "we do not need to know other religions and we do not like our house having anything about other religions, especially from the Christian religion. Don't forget, Christians
Killed your brother." They told me "we felt that you had changed. You do not fast
On Ramadan and you don't pray any more like before; you do not go to the mosque; Moreover, you ask too much about the Christian religion. Have you became a
Christian?" I could not deny what I my belief, I couldn't deny the truth,
Because Jesus said: If anyone acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will
Openly acknowledge that person before my father in Heaven but if anyone denies
Me here on earth I will deny that person before my father in Heaven,
Matthew10: 32-33.
In the beginning, I was afraid to tell my family about my faith, but at that
Moment Jesus sent to me the Holy Spirit to give me the power to face my family.
I felt that I must confess my faith publicly. I told them, "Yes I became a
Christian." My family was shocked when they heard me say I became a Christian.
Then I left the house. That night my sister called me. She told me that my
Family went to a Muslim elder to ask him what to do about me, and what they must
Do to me. I had to sleep outside my house. The next day when I went to my house
To get my belongings, I saw a car near the building of my house and inside the
Car was some people watching everyone who entered or exited the building. They
Looked like religious Muslims.
When I entered my house, I found all of my family waiting for me. One of my
Brothers asked me why I came back. I did not say anything to him. I entered my
Room to get my belongings and my sister entered behind me. She told me, "please
Leave the house now. They will kill you, please leave the house now." I got my
Belongings and I exited through the living room to go outside, when my brother struck me. After I escaped the house, I saw that car outside of the building again and
They struck me when they saw my brothers run behind me. I think those people
Were Muslim’s religious? They were been sent from that muslim’s elder to kill me. Two of them followed me and I escaped from them, and I ran nearly two kilometres. I managed to escape and I found taxi. I took it to a friend's apartment to ask him for help, but I did not tell him about the problem. I told him I had personal problems with my family. I stayed at his apartment for a few days until I found a way to go to
Another country. After some time, I found a man who helped me to get to Europe.
Yes, I lost my parents, my brothers and sisters, my entire family. I lost my
Friends, my job, my home, and my country, but I gained eternal life. I was a
Body without a spirit, Jesus gave me a spirit. I was spiritually sick. Jesus healed me spiritually. I was living in sin. Jesus delivered me from sin. Jesus saved me from eternal death and he will raise me from the dead and give me eternal life. My spiritual
Future was in danger and Jesus saved me from that danger. I was like a ship
Without a rudder and Jesus led me to a continent of peace. I was smoking too
Many cigarettes and I could not stop. Jesus helped me to stop. I was a lowly
Spirit, Jesus raised me up. I was a nervous person and Jesus changed me into a
Peaceful person. I was blind, I was living in the darkness; I couldn't see the light, the light of the truth. I had black glasses on my eyes and Jesus removed those glasses from my eyes to find the truth, and he removed me from the darkness and showed me the Light the light of eternal life. Jesus the Great God, he changed my life, my
Soul and my body (I have proof with many pictures I have of me before I became
a Christian, and after I became a Christian), Oh, Jesus, my Great God, thank you
Very much, because you forgave me, you erased my sins, you saved me with your
Grace because you gave me eternal life, spiritual healing, and you changed my
Body, my mind, and my health, all my life, Jesus, I will spend thanking you
Very much because you died on
The cross for our sins, Amen.

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm,
The caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. And
You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your
God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed,
Joel 2:25-26

You can change your thinking. It is better for your soul to change and accept Jesus Christ as our one and only saviour.

*Note: surrat: means chapter in the Arabic language
Joseph-Maria Abed Al-Messiah

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